Rosa’s Journey


     Rosa was born in Cuba and in 1964 was brought to the United States by her parents who had no money but possessed a desire to provide hope for a better life as well as unconditional love for their two children.

Rosa has been a special education teacher for thirty-three years. In her role as an educator, she has provided hope and support to parents and their children and she continues to believe in and have high expectations for each of the children she meets.

In 1981, Rosa got married and proceeded to bring two young men into the world. She has provided values, unconditional love, and a solid foundation as they begin their journeys in life.

In 2006, Rosa was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was just the beginning of a very difficult journey, which coincided with the untimely death of her mother. Faced with a disease that tries to take ones dignity as well as the loss of her closest friend, her mother, Rosa continued the battle. Over the last six years, she has worn the Survivor t-shirt at the The Relay for Life, but has not lost sight of the fact that people were missing each year from the prior year. This did not stop Rosa from striving to do that which she enjoys most: to live, contribute, and enjoy life.

In 2010, Rosa was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer which unfortunately has no cure. For two and a half years, an oral medication controlled the cancer and allowed her to live to the fullest,  In the spring of 2013, Rosa’s cancer returned.  The journey is one of uncertainty but also one of hope that the chemotherapy that she is on will contain the cancer cells from spreading. The challenge that Rosa faces is much greater then the first two  journeys, yet she continues to provide unconditional love and a positive outlook to her family and close friends. We hope you will join in “Rosa’s Pursuit for Hope”, for it is a positive state of mind that will keep our journey on the right track. As each day passes, Rosa’s determination to live becomes more evident as she continues to contribute to and enjoy life.